Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

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If you are defending yourself against a legal claim or planning to file a legal claim, the services of a civil litigation lawyer are essential. Certainly, you should talk to lawyer in the event you plan to file a lawsuit or resolve a business conflict. A civil litigation lawyer can provide you with useful advice while guiding you through the legal details of your specific case. Additionally, a lawyer will help you decide if their services are the right option in your situation even before you retain their services.

Litigation lawyers explain the court system, helping you identify your potential claims and how you might prove them. They can inform you of possible pitfalls and the defenses that the other side might utilize. A litigation lawyer typically starts by maneuvering your case to provide you with the best chance of obtaining the most compensation for your case.

When to Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Speak To A Lawyer ASAP

Without a doubt, you’ll want to talk to a lawyer in the event you’re named as a defendant as part of a lawsuit. Do not attempt defending yourself against a claim without a lawyer. If you’re fired because of discrimination, for instance, or if an employee sues you for discrimination, you should contact the Queen Law Firm. Likewise if you suffer an injury in an accident or if your former spouse fails to pay spousal support.

Get An Opinion

You may simply want to talk to a lawyer to receive an opinion. Speaking to a lawyer doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to file a complaint and proceed to trial. Litigation lawyer have a lot of options available to obtain a settlement and prevent the stresses and costs of a trial. Arbitration, negotiating settlements and mediation are all effective ways of obtaining a best-case outcome.

Business Disputes

Business disputes are another situation that often call for the services of a civil litigation attorney. Particularly because legal matters can risk the survival of your Illinois business. For instance, if a present or former business partner sues you, contact our law firm. Or, if your business is under investigation by a government agency, legal expertise can help a lot. Environmental issues are also a problem that can rapidly get out of control, overwhelming your business with compliance fees without a lawyer’s help. Lastly, if you are taking part in negotiations to buy or sell a business, a litigation attorney will help you steer clear of problems while protecting your interests.

A Few Basics About The Civil Process

An individual, a business entity or even a governmental body can be a party in civil litigations. The party who is suing is “the plaintiff.” The party who is being sued is called “the defendant.” It is the duty of the plaintiff to prove that what they’re claiming.

The following are some typical examples of civil litigations:

  • Debt recovery. For example, you might initiate a civil action in order to recover debts if someone owes you funds but is refusing to pay.
  • To claim possession of a property. You might initiate a civil action in the event you have a tenant who will not pay rent or violates terms of their lease. Additionally, you might claim the overdue rent or other losses.

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