Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL

Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL

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The Queen Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of our valued clients with a vigorous defense. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges at the state or federal level – our priority is to safeguard your legal best interests every step of the way through tough negotiations to reduce fines or additional penalties that may be a part of the charges against you. We also pledge to keep our clients updated on all legal options in their case as well as what to expect as the case proceeds.

Since establishing our firm, our belief has always been that an effective legal defense is not just about protecting the freedom of our clients, but also to protect their rights to due process and against unlawful searches. If you’re not proven to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, you simply cannot forfeit your freedom.

Our skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL work very hard to ensure that the legal system recognizes your rights so we can obtain the best possible outcome for you.

We are experienced at providing effective legal defense for any of the following:

-Drug crimes.
-Assault and battery.
-White collar crimes.
-Deportation for drug or gun charges.
-Murder and manslaughter.
-Sex crimes.
-Records expungement and records sealing

The Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL you select to represent you is perhaps the most significant decision to make when facing a criminal offense charge at the state or federal level. Many cases do go to trial here in Illinois, so it’s critical that the legal team on your side has relevant courtroom experience and is able to give an effective defense of your rights.

For an obligation-free discussion about your case and how our firm can help you, call the Queen Law Firm at 309-245-8080. Our experienced lawyers are standing by to fight for your rights!

Pretrial Legal Services – Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL

Legal matters handled by defense lawyers typically start months before a trial begins. Their services may be for someone who has not even been charged with a crime yet but anticipates they may be. This enables the defense lawyer to present for interviews with law enforcement and to advise their client on which questions to answer and which not to answer.

A criminal defense lawyer may become involved in investigative procedures as they start to review evidence, search for documents, or collect additional information and items that could support their client’s case. Defense lawyers can also perform services like arguing for bail, or negotiating a plea deal with prosecutor to try and resolve charges efficiently.

Trial Services – Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL

If attempts to negotiate with prosecutors do not succeed, the criminal defense lawyer then gets ready to represent their client in a courtroom. By using evidence and depositions, the defense lawyer develops a plan to protect the legal rights of their client and obtain the best possible results. While a prosecutor’s task is to prove to a jury that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the defense legal team does not need to prove their client is innocent. They can, of course, present information that shows their client is innocent and put doubt of the prosecutor’s case into the minds of the jury members. – Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL

If you are facing criminal charges, or the possibility of criminal charges, do not hesistate to call our firm at 309-245-8080 for assistance. An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL will discuss your case in a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL – FAQs about criminal charges in the state of Illinois:

For anyone facing accusations of a serious crime, it can be a very stressful experience that raises a lot of questions and uncertainty. As experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL, our law firm is committed to providing helpful legal information. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about how to proceed when interacting with law enforcement and the legal system:

-What happens when police arrest someone in Illinois. Anybody can be placed under arrest, even if your only prior interactions with law enforcement is nothing more than a parking ticket. If you find yourself placed under arrest and seated in the back of a police car, it can be quite unsettling. But understanding what to do, what to expect and knowing your rights can be very helpful.

-Is it wise to speak to the police? If law enforcement is investigating you, you may not even be aware of it. If, at some point, police ask you to see them at a station and make a statement, you should contact the Queen Law Firm at 309-245-8080 and speak to a criminal defense lawyer. Not only will our experienced legal team talk with police on your behalf, but also prevent you from making a statement that could eventually be used against you.

-Can police arrest me if they don’t have evidence I am guilty? Only in the event they have what’s known as “probable cause” to believe you have committed a crime. Arrests occur either by the police taking you into custody or when a district attorney sends you a letter that asks you to show in court for an arraignment.

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-Appearing before a judge. At this initial appearance before a judge, you will probably be asked if you are guilty or not guilty. Additionally, your bail or bond will be decided. If, at this stage, you still don’t have a defense lawyer, the judge may choose to appoint a lawyer – also known as a public defender – to represent you.

-What is an arraignment? An arraignment is simply the first time you appear in court. It is when your Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL receives the complaint the state is filing against you. Following this step, the next court appearance you’ll probably make will be your preliminary hearing.

-What takes place at a preliminary hearing? This is typically the next appearance for someone accused of a felony. This is when a judge determines if a there’s reason to believe a crime was committed. Your Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL will dispute evidence presented against you and point out inconsistent elements of the case. If the decision is made that facts exist that show a crime did occur, then the case is sent to trial. Another arraignment can take place after this. The district attorney also may add or alter the charges filed in the case.

-What is a pretrial conference? This is when your lawyer makes arguments on your behalf, and when discussions regarding a plea bargains can occur.

-What takes place at a trial? A trial is when a jury weighs the evidence against you and replies with a verdict. For more on what happens during a trial visit here.

For representation by an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Peoria-Bloomington IL who will fight for your legal rights every step of the way call the Queen Law Firm at 309-245-8080. We can provide answers to your questions and recommend the best course of action in your case. We represent a wide variety of clients from communities throughout the Peoria-Bloomington region.

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