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Whether you have been arrested for a crime against an individual, such as assault and battery, a crime against property such as burglary or arson, or some other type of criminal offense in the state of Illinois , you’ll need the help of an experienced Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL.

When it comes to facing serious charges, a competent criminal defense lawyer can perform essential tasks like negotiate a plea bargain or prepare the case for trial. A criminal defense lawyer can also identify significant pretrial issues and bring appropriate motions in the courtroom that may dramatically improve a defendant’s position. In some cases, a motion by your Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL can even lead to the dismissal of the charges against you.

Invaluable Help with the Challenges of the Legal System

For anyone who is accused of a criminal offense, the chances of successfully overcoming the charge may depend upon your lawyer’s capacity to navigate the Illinois criminal justice system. We understand that being charged with a crime can be a very stressful experience that raises a lot of issues – not just for the person charged but for their family members as well. To help clear up some of the confusion about legal matters, here we present some basic helpful information about legal procedures and the services provided by a Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL.

I’ve Been Accused of a Crime – What Are My Rights? – Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL

Anyone accused of a crime has a number of rights that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. These include the right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination, the right to qualified legal representation, the right to a reasonable bail, the right to a fair, public trial, the right to be told of the charges made against you, the right to be confronted with witnesses against you and to collect witnesses of your own.

A criminal defendant has a presumption of innocence until they are proven guilty. This basically means that prosecutors must prove that the defendant committed the acts at issue. A defendant does not have to do or say anything to prove innocence.

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Talking with Law Enforcement

It’s typically in your best interests to avoid speaking with police or signing any documents they present. If you are the subject of a police investigation, it’s possible you may not even be aware of it. At some stage, they may request that you go to a police station and give them a statement. Instead of doing so, it’s highly recommended that you immediately contact a criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL.

Once you have legal representation safeguarding your interests, your lawyer can get involved and talk to police in an effort to obtain useful information that may prevent charges from being filed against you. Most significantly, hiring a Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL will stop you from making statements that may ultimately be used against you in court.

Can Law Enforcement Arrest Me with No Evidence of Guilt?

You can be arrested if police have probable cause to believe that you have committed an offense. Arrest can take place in a few different ways:

-Police can simply make a lawful arrest. Once you’re in custody, an arraignment generally must happen within 48 hours.
-If police do not view you as a flight risk, they may, alternatively, send your case to a prosecutor’s office. That official will send you a letter requesting your appearance for an arraignment.
-Or, police may contact you to surrender yourself at a police station.

What Takes Place at an Arraignment?

An initial arraignment is typically the first appearance you’ll make in court regardless of whether or not you are in police custody. Your Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL will receive the complaint listing the charges against you and any police reports relevant to the case. If you are, in fact, in custody, your lawyer will have the opportunity to argue bail for you.

Preliminary Hearings – What Happens?

If you are facing a felony charge, your next court appearance will most likely be what’s known as a preliminary hearing. Here, the judge will determine if there is a probable cause to believe that a crime has actually been committed and whether or not you are responsible for committing it. Your Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL will utilize the preliminary hearing to contest the evidence against you, establish testimony by key witnesses and identify possible deficiencies in the case against you.

After Your Preliminary Hearing

If the judge does decide that enough facts exist to show that you committed the offense, the case will be submitted to the relevant court for a trial. At that stage, you’ll be arraigned again on the charges filed against you. These charges may be different from those presented at your first arraignment. This is because prosecutors can file any charges they think were proven at the preliminary hearing, which may include charges that were absent from the first complaint.

The Pretrial Conference

The next date in the process is the pretrial conference. Here, your Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL argues pretrial motions to, for example, suppress or leave out evidence from the trial. Also, this may include a motion to dismiss the case due to insufficient evidence. Your lawyer may also look at a plea bargain with the opposing side. Plea bargains can result in you making a guilty plea to a lesser charge for a lighter sentence or reduction of the charges.

What Happens During a Trial

The common stages of a trial involve selection of a jury, presentation of evidence, cross-examination of witnesses and then closing statements. After all of this takes place, it’s time for the jury to deliberate the case and return with a verdict. In some cases a mistrial can be declared in the event the jury simply cannot reach a unanimous verdict or if the jury is unable to proceed.

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When it comes to criminal law cases in Illinois, the help of an experienced, aggressive Defense Lawyer Near Me Bloomington IL is critical for protecting your rights. Competent legal representation can be the deciding factor between serving time in prison, accepting a lesser sentence or the freedom to walk right out of the court house. The team at our law firm is ready to fight for our clients and protect their legal rights.

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