Personal Injury Lawyer McClean County IL

Personal Injury Lawyer McClean County IL

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A wide variety of workplace accidents occur every year that result in physical injuries. Because this kind of accident happens while an employee is under the care of their employer, federal legislation requires that injured parties are entitled to receive workers’ compensation.

However, even though workers’ comp might cover many types of injuries that occur during employment, if the injury is due to another person’s negligence, it may not be sufficient. At the Queen Law Firm, our attorneys understand the payout from workers’ compensation is often not enough to cover the expenses of the injured party.

Workers’ comp laws generally protect employers against lawsuits if an employee gets hurt on the jobsite. But a lot of jobsite accidents are the result of a third party’s negligence, which is subject to the same standards of liability and negligence as other types of personal injury claims.

Personal Injury Lawyer McClean County IL – For example, third parties in a workplace injury claim may include:


-Another driver.

-Product and machinery manufacturers.

-Residential and commercial landlords.

It’s important to take action quickly if you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident. Even when an employer might encourage you to proceed with filing for workers’ comp, it is in your interests to explore your other options and consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer McClean County IL. Do not give up your right to seek damages in court and vigorously fight for your rights as a worker depending upon the circumstances of your claim.

Our firm’s objective is to help you receive compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered whether that is achieved solely through workers’ comp or through a third-party personal injury lawsuit. (Or both.)

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