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When it comes to slip and fall accidents that result in an injury, many people will mistakenly view such incidents as a hazard only to the elderly or something that only happens during poor weather. However, a slip and fall accident can happen any time a property isn’t maintained properly and can result in significant head and back injuries. Have you been injured on someone else’s property? If so, you might have a legitimate claim and should talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL.

At the Queen Law Firm, we go to work for people who have been victimized by accidents, include slip and falls. It’s our belief that the suffering you endure from your accident deserves fair and just compensation. Schedule a free consultation with us and get started at 309-245-8080.

Liability and Slip and Fall Accidents

Before it’s possible to win an injury claim, you’ll need to prove that another party is responsible (has liability) for your accident and subsequent injury. If the defendant is a property owner, he or she is required to take reasonable care to ensure the property remains safe. This is where the expertise of your lawyer plays an important role in your claim.

Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL

If you’ve had a slip and fall accident and suffered an injury:

-Obtain accurate contact information from the owner or manager of the property.

-Write down names of anyone who was witness to the accident.

-Use your phone’s camera to document the scene and cause of the accident.

-Save the clothes and shoes you had on at the time of the accident.

-Promptly seek medical care for your injuries.

-Don’t speak to anyone without consulting with your Personal Injury Lawyer Normal IL.